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Status Update
« on: September 22, 2014, 01:50:32 am »
I want to apologize for my tardiness in recent years.  With lifestyle changes (having kids, increased workloads at my day job, etc), I just have not had much free time to work on my projects.  I pick at them here and there when I can.

For my fellow AceMoney users:

1) My LSFinance app for Blackberry was put on hold in mid 2012.  Not from a lack of interest, mind you.  To this day, I still want an AceMoney-compatible app for my Blackberry phone.  There were multiple factors involved:

  • lack of time
  • with the introduction of AMJ encryption in AceMoney 4.20.1, my app was no longer able to access AceMoney data.  I have technical specs from MechCAD on how the encryption works, but was not able to get it working in my app yet.
  • after seeing the direction MechCAD took with their AceMoney Receipts app, I decided my app was taking the wrong design approach trying to access MMW/AMJ files directly.  But I did not have time to work on a redesign yet.
  • BlackBerry now supports Android, so I hope that AceMoney Receipts works on BlackBerry 10 devices (which I do not have yet).  If it does, that would make my app obsolete before it can be released, unless I only target pre-BB10 devices.

2) I started a new AceMoney Configuration Editor tool awhile back ago.  It allows editing AceMoney settings that are not accessible within the main AceMoney UI, especially the ability to add/remove/edit Bank OFX info and custom Currencies.  It has been slowly coming along, but it has been a few months since I last worked on it.  The ability to edit Bank OFX info in particular repeatedly comes up in the AceMoney forums, so it would be a handy feature to have.  I have been waiting for some technical specs from MechCAD that were promised to me a few years ago and never delivered, which is the primary reason this tool has not been released yet.

For my fellow MSAgent users:

Ever since I wrote and published my MSAgent Character format spec sheet in 2003 (last updated in 2009), it has always been my goal to bring MSAgent to other platforms.  Last week, as a proof of concept, I started working on something towards that goal - an MSAgent engine for Android.  Progress has been good so far, I have some basic functionality working (loading an ACS file, playing animations, moving and gesturing).  I intend to keep working on it, and hopefully release a public library and API that Android developers can use in their apps.

That is it for now.

Until next time...
Remy Lebeau (Lebeau Software)